B1 Directorate's main priorities are:

  • To manage the new Internet Portal “AGORA” for the Offices of Economic and Commercial Affairs (ECA), aiming at the improvement of its appearance and operational performance, by its frequent enrichment with updated data.
  • Monitor Internet Portals enrichment from the Offices of Economic and Commercial Affairs; organize training sessions for all the ECA Officers, on the operation and data enrichment of “AGORA” internet portal.
  • To coordinate and organize events addressed to the most important economic partners of Greek Companies abroad. After the great success of the first event, during 2007, where 50 Authorities from abroad participated, we are looking at the improvement of these events, both in quality and quantity.
  • To work closely with B8 directorate, organize and monitor actions for the ECA offices.
  • To deal with further relevant issues which may turn up, such as providing updated economic information for the MFA main portal enrichment, examining methods for a more effective utilization of ECA Offices' annual reports, etc.

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