Recent developments on both sides of the Atlantic have conveyed a message for change.
On the one hand, global markets are paying a close watch to the new US Administration’s policies and on the other hand, they are following the critical developments in Europe as the continent faces a series of challenges ranging from the Brexit referendum and its repercussions, the uprising of populism and security challenges against the backdrop of several elections across Europe in the months ahead.

• How will Europe’s financial landscape change in view of these challenges?

Without a doubt, 2017 is also set to be crucial for Greece’s future as the country tries to stabilize its economy, maintain the momentum of structural reforms and return to the path of competitiveness and growth. The Government is determined to finalize the second programme review and at the same time, has reiterated that Greece’s priority is to make a comeback to the financial markets. When will it make this comeback?

• What is the outlook for Greece in the coming months?
• Are international investors showing an interest?

It is against this setting, that The Economist has great pleasure in announcing the organization of its second event in Germany following the success of last year’s event in Berlin. This year’s event shall take place in Frankfurt on May 18th, 2017 entitled:

A Glimpse into Europe’s Financial Landscape
Greece: A comeback to the financial markets?

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