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Tender for '5 million Nos. of 20 Watt Integrated (Linear) Batten LED Tube lights -Δημόσιος Διαγωνισμός
Κατηγορίες κειμένου:
Χώρα αναφοράς: ΙΝΔΙΑ
Ημερομηνία: 31/10/2018
Σχετικός σύνδεσμος: CPP Portal (https://eprocure.gov.in/)
Συναπτόμενο αρχείο: Tender Document , '5 million Nos of 20 Watt Integrated (Linear) Batten LED Tube lights in.pdf
Έκδοση: Γραφείο Ο.Ε.Υ. Νέου Δελχί (Αρμοδιότητα και για Μαλδίβες, Μπανγκλαντές, Νεπάλ, Σρι Λάνκα)
Πηγή: Energy Efficiency Services Limited | A JV of PSUs under the Ministry of Power

Dear Sir/Madam,

Sub.: Dissemination of an International Competitive Bidding (ICB) Tender Information among Prospective Bidders (Trade Associations, Chambers of Commerce and Industries, etc.) for the following referred Tender from Energy Efficiency Services Limited (EESL) (A Joint Venture company of Public Sector Undertakings under the Ministry of Power, Govt. of India). Ref: NIT/Bid Document No.: EESL/06/ICB-TUBE LIGHT-Pan India/181909022 Dated: 29/10/2018 for “ International Competitive bidding (ICB) for Design, Manufacture, Supply of 5 million Nos. of 20 Watt Integrated (Linear) Batten LED Tube lights With 3 and 5 Years Standard Warranty and Other Related Works on PAN India Basis.” -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- We, Energy Efficiency Services Limited (EESL), one of the first and largest Energy Service Company (ESCO) of South Asia, were set up as a Public Sector Undertaking under the administrative control of Ministry of Power, Govt. of India through equity participation of four Central Public Sector Undertakings (CPSUs) of Ministry of Power (viz., NTPC, Power Grid, Power Finance Corp. and REC Limited). Among the other, the main objective of EESL is to implement the Energy Efficiency projects for demand side measures including Street lighting, Domestic Efficient Lighting Programme (UJALA – LED Bulbs Distribution Programme), Power distribution sector, Agriculture/Municipal pumps, Public Buildings and Smart Metering. EESL has published a Tender under International Competitive Bidding (ICB) bearing reference as above. The relevant Tender documents and information are also attached herewith. The notice is widely published on the following platforms: (a) In leading newspapers in India. (b) EESL’s Procurement Portal (https://eesl.eproc.in), E-Tender Id - 1489. (c) UNDB website (www.devbusiness.com) as Notice ref. no. GN168-10/18. (d) www.dgmarket.com website bearing notice no. 24836386. (e) CPP Portal (https://eprocure.gov.in/) We hereby request for your kind assistance in informing the prospective bidders (viz., Trade Associations, Chambers of Commerce and Industry) from your country/host country for the above Tender in order to enable EESL to achieve highly competitive prices for this procurement. In case of any clarifications, the following officials will be the points of contact: Mr. Neeraj Pal, Dy. Manager (Contracts), E-mail: eproc@eesl.co.in Mr. Ashish Saraswat, Dy. Manager (Technical), E-mail: asaraswat@eesl.co.in

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